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(12 Steps) How to install WordPress on Vultr Server

First, you need to install VPSSIM – Control Panel for Vultr Server (Freemium)

Step 1. Log in to Vultr



Step 2. Go to Servers > View Console


Step 3. Typing vpssim and press Enter


Step 4. Typing 1 in “Type in your choice (0-Exit) and press Enter


Step 5. Typing 3 in “Type in your choice (0-Exit)” and Press Enter


Step 6. Typing 5 in “Type in your choice” and Press Enter

Server will not install any cache plugin 🙂


Step 7. Typing your domain in “Type in the domain you want to add” and Press Enter


Step 8. Typing WordPress User you want to create in “Type in user for wordpress admin” and Press Enter


Step 9. Typing your WordPress account password you want to create in “Type in password for admin” and Press Enter


Step 10. Typing your email in “Type in your email” and Press Enter


Step 11. Done!


Step 12. Pointing your domain to Vultr Server

If you use Cloudflare, you need to create A Record:

  • Type: A
  • Name: your domain you install WordPress on Vultr Server, ex:
  • Value: Your Vultr IP, ex:
  • Automatic TTL
  • Gray Cloud 🙂

and click on Add Record


You only need to wait about 5-10 minutes, and you can visit the website installed at yourdomain/wp-admin. For example:

If you bought domain name at Namecheap

You need to create 2 Record: A and CNAME

  • Type: A – Host: @ – Value: IP Vultr – TTL: 30 min
  • Type: CNAME – Host: www – Value: yourdomain (non-www) – TTL: 30 min


If you bought Domain Name at other providers. You just need to create 2 records like Namecheap.

That’s it. You just need to visit the website at (ex:

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