Custom CSS Support

Hello. My name is Tuan, freelancer, based in Hue, Vietnam.

I am an enthusiastic contributor at the Squarespace Answer Forum.

I can help you with Custom Code problems in Squarespace for $25/hour.

My experience

Some Examples

Most custom code (css) problems can be solved in 5-15 minutes. In 1 hour, I can help you solve up to 10 problems.

  • Remove Elements: Header/Footer/Logo/Site Title/…
  • Change Color & Typography: Links, Buttons, Texts, Header, Footer, Nav, Custom Fon…
  • Align elements
  • Edit layout on devices: Desktop, Tablet, Phone
  • ….more

How it works?

1. You send questions to my email: [email protected]

2. I check & send answers to you

I check my email daily, so I can send answers in a few hours – 24 hours.

3. You pay


If your site is private or in trial, just setup password and share url. See how to: