Squarespace Custom Code Support

Hello. My name is Tuan, freelancer, based in Hue, Vietnam.

I can help you with Custom Code problems (CSS) in Squarespace for Flexible rates (see bottom)



I'm a Squarespace Circle Member.

I have solved more than 500 custom code questions on Forum.Squarespace.com.

"I can't even recommend Tuan enough, he is absolutely amazing! His replies are swift, and he is very keen to help, super patient with your needs, and he is the most helpful person anywhere. Thank you x9000"

Luki Wong - ootopia.com

"Trying to DIY some Squarespace coding issues, we came across Tuan Phan. You carefully and expertly explained complex topics and we can now mark that our project is almost done. Your help was seamless! You are a diligent coder that comes right up with a pro suggestion and lots of ''back-stage'' advices. Thanks so much once again! Glad you’re out there to helping us. Also, your swift replies are just another thing that sets you apart!"

Maria Passarivaki

" Tuan was so very helpful. I got a response with a resolution to my problem within MINUTES!!!!

Also, super nice too!"

Brooke McLeod Burks - Thebutteredhome.com

"Tuan is absoletley amazing! He not only helped me code a couple of pages on my site that I was having challenges with, but he also responded so quickly and helped me resolve all of my issues. He is polite and understanding and is amazing to work with. Couldn't thank him enough for this time!"

Toyin Badejo - TB Interior Design

"Tuan's amazing resource of a website and responsiveness to support requests have made a huge difference in the quality and effectiveness of my Squarespace website. Tuan is prompt, generous and kind, and his wealth of knowledge goes unmatched! I cannot recommend him enough."

Kristen Wood - moonandspoonandyum.com

"I reached out to Tuan for help and he got back to me within minutes and solved my problem! I would highly recommend! The responsiveness and efficiency are unmatched! Thank you!"

Daniela Modesto - Calmeats.com


Send Questions

Sending your questions to my email: [email protected] or fill in form below.

Get Answers

I'll send answers to your email in 24 hours.


Pay via PayPal when you are satisfied with the answer.


I charge $50/hour (~15 questions).

If your question only takes 30 minutes. You just need to pay 50 * (30/60) = $25.

If your question only takes 15 minutes, you only need to pay 50 * (15/60) = $12.5

If your site is private or in trial, just setup password and share url. See how to: https://beaverhero.com/squarespace-how-to/
Please check your email carefully. Recently I got a lot of questions with wrong emails.

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