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Useful Plugins for Squarespace

Some useful plugins for Squarespace website.

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1. Anything Lightbox

You can use the plugin to create a lightbox when clicking: Text Link, Button (& Add to Cart button), Image, Video, Gallery,..

Bonus: You can also create Promotion Popup, Cookies, Upsell Lightbox,..

2. Video Lightbox

Video Lightbox when clicking on Button, Image, Text Link.

3. Sidebar Plugin

Create a Sidebar. You can create multiple sidebars, and set them to appear only on certain pages.

Bonus: You can also use it to create Header, Footer for templates that don’t support these two elements (You need to add extra CSS to achieve this).

4. Accordion Tab

Create Accordion, Tab, Tab inside Accordion, Accordion inside Tab.

Bonus: You can also create effect: show content on button/link hover.

5. Testimonial Slider

If you used Summary Block to create Testimonial, this plugin does the same thing, but with more customization, especially for Arrows, Dots Position.

Some other plugins allow you to create testimonials that get reviews from Instagram, Facebook, Google Review

6. Product Color Image Swatch

Instead of having a text dropdown for your variants, you can now display a color or size as a swatch.

Bonus: If you use Blog Posts as Products, you can create this, but you need different code. Please send to my email via the form, I will help.

7. Embed Social Feeds

These plugins will help you embed social feeds with beautiful layouts.

8. Age Verification

Keep your website visitors’ age under control. More customization options, no coding skills.

9. Filter

Create Filter Dropdown for Blog Post, Portfolio, Product,…

10. Map Block

Custom Makers/Show Multiple Locations on Map.

You can add links on locations.

11. Gallery Block in SS 7.1

SS 7.1 removed Gallery Block. This plugin will bring back Gallery Block.

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