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How to change Mobile Logo

Add these codes to the Custom CSS box and Save (you can change the example URL to the URL that you want)

Blog Page (list)

/* Blog Page (list) */
[class*="type-blog"].view-list .header-mobile-logo img {
   content: url(;

Blog Post

/* Blog Post */
[class*="type-blog"].view-item .header-mobile-logo img {
   content: url(;

Event List

/* Event List */
[class*="type-event"].view-list .header-mobile-logo img {
   content: url(;

Event Detail

/* Event Detail */
[class*="type-events"].view-item .header-mobile-logo img {
   content: url(;


/* Shop/Category */
[class*="type-products"].view-list .header-mobile-logo img {
   content: url(;

Individual Product

/* Individual Product */
[class*="type-products"].view-item .header-mobile-logo img {
   content: url(;

Cart Page

/* Cart Page */
body#cart .header-mobile-logo img {
   content: url(;

Homepage Only

/* Homepage Only */
body.homepage .header-mobile-logo img {
   content: url(;

Other Pages (exclude homepage)

/* Other pages - exclude homepage */
body:not(.homepage) .header-mobile-logo img {
   content: url(;

On Scroll Only

/* On Scroll Only */
header#header.shrink .header-mobile-logo img {
   content: url(;

One Page

Add this code to Page Header Code Injection and Save (you can change the example URL to the URL that you want)

<!-- Change Mobile Logo - One Page -->
.header-mobile-logo img {
   content: url(;

All Pages

#1. On the main screen of the website, you click Edit.


#2. Next, you hover on the logo and then click EDIT SITE HEADER.


#3. Next, you choose the Site title & logo.


#4. Next, you click on the Plus icon (+)


#5. Next, click Upload File to upload the new logo.



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