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Squarespace Pricing Table Templates (01- 95)

Here are 95 pricing table styles, use Code Block for Squarespace website. You only need to follow the instructions below to use them on your site.

View 18/95 demosDownload ($6)

1. Download Code

First, you need to purchase this code ($6 for 95 code) then access this link to download.

2. Extract

Once downloaded, you will see file:

Extract this file, you will have folder: modernic

Open this folder, you will see Documentation & modernic. All Table codes in modernic

3. Upload CSS File

3.1. Upload modern-table.css to Squarespace

Access folder modernic > modernic > css > you will see modern-table.css file.

Upload the CSS file to your site, then paste this code to Home > Settings > Advanced > Code Injection > Header

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”s/modern-tables.css”/>

or Page Header, if you use Table on One page)

3.2. Declare FontAwesome Icon

If you use Table with Icons, you need to declare both modern-tables.css & FontAwesome

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”s/modern-tables.css”/>
<link rel=”stylesheet” href=””>

4. Copy HTML Code

Next, open .html file and copy code.

Right click on .html file > Open with Notepad, Notepad++…

You will see

Just copy the code as shown. That is, the code is below the <body …> tag and above </body>.
This applies to all code at 95 tables.

5. Paste HTML Code to Code Block

Use Code Block, and paste the HTML code (step 5)

Save & Done!

6. Customize Table

In Documentation Folder, you will see index.html file. Open this file, you will see

  • How to setup Table
  • How to add more Columns
  • How to edit background, color, buttons,…


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