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Gallery Section in Footer

If you want to add Gallery Section in Footer, you can follow these steps. Here I will use a custom plugin.

#1. Create a Page in Not Linked with name/URL

  • Footer Gallery – /footer-gallery


Next, add a Gallery Section to this page.


#2. Install this plugin

The plugin will give you some code to add to the Code Injection Header and Footer, like this.



#3. Add a Code Block to Site Footer (last section) > Paste this code

<div data-wm-plugin="load" data-target="/footer-gallery"></div>


#4. Add this code to the Custom CSS box

/* fix gap under footer */
.wm-load-container {
    display: none;
footer.sections .wm-load-container {
    display: block !important;


#5.1. If you want the Gallery Section to appear above the Footer, use this code to Code Injection – Footer

document.addEventListener('wmSectionLoader:scriptsLoaded', () => {
  const container = document.querySelector('.wm-load-container[data-target="/footer-gallery"]');
  const footerSection = document.querySelector('#footer-sections')
  footerSection.insertAdjacentElement('afterbegin', container)




#5.2. If you want the Gallery Section to appear under the Footer, just change this text to beforeend



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