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List Carousel: Hover Image – Change to another image

#1. First, install Squarespace ID Finder and find the ID of the List Carousel Section.

In my example, we will have:



#2. Use this code to Custom CSS box

/* Client Testimonials */
section[data-section-id="6642c62d7ab3ae4f40e3aed2"] {
li.user-items-list-carousel__slide.list-item {
    pointer-events: initial !important;
img.user-items-list-carousel__media[src*="Cara+Hoever"]:hover {
    content: url(;
img.user-items-list-carousel__media[src*="Kevin+Hover"]:hover {
    content: url(;
img.user-items-list-carousel__media[src*="Aro+Ha"]:hover {
    content: url(;


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