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Reuse Newsletter Block


Reuse a newsletter block across multiple pages, and edit it all from a single page.

Require: Section Loader Plugin

Support: Free support + Install, if you need help, just send me an email with your site url + describe request, I will help you. (You can also post on Forum)

How to

#1. Install Plugin (referral link)

#2. Create a Not Linked Page with Name/URL

  • Name: Reuse Newsletter
  • URL Slug: /reuse-newsletter


#3. Add a Newsletter Block


#4. Insert this Code Block where you want the newsletter block to appear.

<div data-wm-plugin="load" data-target="/reuse-newsletter"></div>

For example



Advanced Tips

Add Reuse Newsletter above Blog Posts Pagination

Move code in #4 to Blog Post Items Code Injection


Next, add this code under it

<script src=""></script>
  setTimeout( function() {
        	$('div.wm-load-container').insertBefore('body[class*="type-blog"].view-item section#itemPagination');
    }, 3000);


and result


Add Reuse Newsletter under Header

First, move #4 code into Code Injection > Footer


Next, add this code under it

<script src=""></script>
  setTimeout( function() {
    }, 2000);



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