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GeneratePress Artisan Template Documentation

Artisan focuses on the design outside the areas of a page builder, leaving the body as a clean slate for your next project. The template uses GeneratePress Theme (Free) and GP Premium.


1. Install Template

First, you need to activate Site Library Module in GP Premium.

Next, import Artisan Template, See how to import GeneratePress Template

2. Notes

All Colors & Typography, you can find at Appearance > Customize > Colors or Typography

Some color settings can also find at Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS

3. Top Bar

Top Bar has Phone & Social Icons. You can find both at Appearance > Widgets > Top Bar

To edit Top Bar background color, go to Appearance > Customize > Colors > Top Bar

To edit Social Icon padding & background, go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS > Line 07 – Line 10

Phone Number uses some custom code at Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS > Line 12 – Line 14

Social Icons use some custom at Line 16 – Line 20 (hide on Mobile)

4. Header

Header has Logo & Navigation


Appearance > Customize > Site Identity


To edit Navigation Items, go to Appearance > Menus

To edit Navigation Items top border, go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS > Line 22 – Line 45

Navigation Mobile Menu use some custom code at Line 43 – Line 54

5. Footer

Footer Bar (Copyright Text)

You can edit Footer Text at Appearance > Customize > Layout > Footer > Copyright

and edit background color at Appearance > Colors > Footer > Footer Bar

Footer Widgets

Includes: Logo, Company Information, Connect with Us, Navigation

All widgets can be found at Appearance > Widgets > Footer Widget 1, Footer Widget 2, Footer Widget 3 and Footer Widget 4

To edit Footer Widget Color, go to Appearance > Colors > Footer > Footer Widgets

and some custom code (alignment, letter spacing) in Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS > Line 86 – Line 92

6. Homepage

Homepage has 2 sections

Home Header

You can edit at Appearance > Elements > Home Page Header

and some custom code at Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS > Line 01 – Line 05

Home Title (Begin Your Next…” has some custom at Line 55 – Line 66

“Love Using…”

Go to Pages > Home

7. “Page Headers” Page & Pages

You can edit at Appearance > Elements > Merged Site Header

and edit Page Title at Appearance > Elements > Global page Header

Done! If you have any questions, just comment below.

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