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How to Point Godaddy Domain to Cloudways Hosting (5 Steps)

To point a Domain Name from Godaddy to Cloudways Hosting, just follow these steps:

Step 1. Check IP address of Cloudways Hosting

Go to


Login Now and click on Servers. And this is IP address of your hosting.


Step 2. Go to Godaddy

and click on Sign in > Sign in


Step 3. Fill your Username and Password


Step 4. Click on DNS


Step 5. Point Godaddy Domain Name

Click on “Pencil” icon


With Type A, you need to fill:

  • Points to: IP Address of Your Cloudways Hosting, ex:
  • Host, TTL và Seconds: Leave Default

then click Save


With Type CNAME

  • Points to: Enter your domain name, ex:,,…
  • Host, TTL: Leave Default

then click Save


It takes 5 minutes to 24 hours to complete.

5 thoughts on “How to Point Godaddy Domain to Cloudways Hosting (5 Steps)”

  1. This does not work. Adding in the domain name to the CNAME section of GoDaddy and clicking save sends out an error message.

  2. yes it is work but when we write domain name in godaddy cname it has change into @ but it is also work for me and website takes more than 12 hours to updates. but it is work. thanks for your information.


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